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Internationally acclaimed Wealth Adviser, Technical Analyst, Financial Adviser, Sought-After Public Speaker and Educator, David Hunt has taught over 5,000 people on three continents and has been involved in the industry for almost 40 years.

He is one of Australia’s most successful and inspirational Market Timers having forecast the timing of the end of the Global Financial Crisis publicly 3 months in advance – confirming it in the ”Australian Financial Review”  two weeks in advance.

With a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) from PS 1346 and a Batchelor of Commerce (Honours) Masters of Commerce University of NSW, David started his working life as an economist and after having trained under Dr John Hewson, David then went on to became a Corporate Treasurer, Banker, Fund Manager and Specialist Stock Market Trading Educator bringing some of the “Best of Breed” Financial traders and authors in the World to Australia, Hong Kong Singapore & Malaysia before launching his career as a Trusted Financial Advisor.


David Hunt runs what an Australian Financial Review Journalist named the “The Profit Hunters Group”, a group of Market Professionals consisting of Stock Brokers, Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, Self-Managed Superfund Owners  who are TRADERS AND INVESTORS JUST LIKE YOU!!   And through his dedicated work with “The Profit Hunters Group” David Hunt has come to be widely regarded within the industry as ”The Advisor to the Advisors”.

Some of David’s corporate clients include advisers in Macquarie Bank, Shaw Stock Broking BBY, RBS Morgan’s and Bloom Financial to mention just a few.  David is also on the Investment Committee for Omni Wealth.

Spend some time with David you will never forget him! 

David Hunt was trained by some of the best in the world such as Larry Williams, who traded $10,000 into $1.1 million in just one year to win the Robins World Cup of Trading, Market Wizard Van Tharp and one of the Elite Group of beginner traders, “The Turtles” which were made famous in Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizards” and other new Market Wizard’s Books.

David Hunt has gone on to become one of the most insightful and direct commentators in the field of ASX Shares, Foreign Exchange & Commodities and Crypto Currencies.

Based between Sydney and Melbourne, David advises Professional Advisors,  SMSF Owners, Traders, Financial Planners & Fund in Asset Allocations, Trades & Investments.

David’s students have included Goldman Sachs traders, Corporate CFO’s-Chief Financial Officers & SMSF’s-Self-Managed Super Fund Managers as well as numerous publicly recognized clients who prefer to keep their work with David confidential.

Through his business “Adest” and “The Profit Hunters Group” together with his team of Professional Advisors, David and his “Profit Hunters” provide strategy and support for Advisers, Stock Brokers, Fund Managers and Investors and Traders JUST LIKE YOU who seriously want to build wealth, not just make a living.

David Hunt is a leading force in Australian Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and has been called for Public Market Commentary by…

The Australian Financial Review

Sky Business


Money Magazine

Financial Traders Network in the US

Sought after Speaker on markets and techniques, David Hunt has spoken for…

International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) in San Francisco

Trading Securities Institute of Austalia

Trading and Investing Expos

Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association (APTA)

Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA)

David Hunt is actively involved in providing Stock Market Education, Training, Advice and Support for his clients.

Founding Member and Vice President and Director Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association (APTA)

Founding Member and Regular Guest Speaker Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA)

21st Century Education on Forex

Author “The Gann Analysis” for the Australian Securities Institute

Author “Wiley Trading Guide II” and multiple other trading and trading related publications

Author “INVESTORTRADE” – ASX Australian Shares Report

Regular Expert Panelist on “Your Money Your Call” – Foxtel Sky Business News, David Hunt is accredited for his intuition, perception, cognizance, shrewdness and sharp-witted acuity and is renowned for his ability to make good judgements and quick decisions that often go against mainstream opinion.

David Hunt sees the Markets with flash lightning speed & calls it the way he sees it – Without Favour, Fear or Bias!

Providing important insights into raising your awareness and understanding of the complexities of the Stock Market, David Hunt works tirelessly to pass on his knowledge so you can get better at trading more profitably, understanding and managing the risks and knowing how to protect yourself in the markets.

The experience David Hunt bases his expertise on is impressive…

Over 30 years Corporate Market Experience CIG Ltd, AUSSAT, Macquarie Band, Qantas and Assortd Funds Management.

Proprietary and Strategic Trader Macquarie Bank

Forex Treasury Manager Qantas

Recognized within the industry for his 100% independent and completely unbiased shrewd stock market investment mindset, his “Brilliant Trading Mind” and his ability to think outside the box, David Hunt is also know as…

“Australias Top Market Timer & Top 3 Chartist in the World”

Australia’s Grand Old Lady of Technical Analysis – Dawn Bolton Smith

“A Walking Encyclopedia of Trading Knowledge”

Master Trader – Larry Williams

“The Bell Ringer”

The Financial Review

“Advisor to the Advisors”

Australian Men’s Living Magazine

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